The SABS Educational Policy is decided and determined by the General Synaxis and revised at intervals according to the norms of the Government and the need of the hour. The Congregation is dedicated and committed to Christ in the holy Eucharist.All the positive energy for building the kingdom of God in the hearts of the people we serve, is drawn from the Holy Eucharist. The congregation has devoted itself to the qualitative renewal of the society that we serve. Establishing educational institutions is our creative response to the challenges and perils posed by the modern society. Training is given to the students to think high, act nobly and respond creatively to the rising demands of the times. Our goal is to effect the integrated development of personality of quality of life of the community around and thereby the world at large. Our prime objective is to mould responsible, God oriented individuals filled with patriotism and the spirit of brotherhood and thus make the planet a better place to live.

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