1.Computerized Library and Reading Room

2. Well equipped, modernized Laboratories

3.Co-operative Society and Store

1. The main Objective of the society is to meet the requirements of the students and members of the teaching and non- teaching staff of B.K. College. It deals in text books , note books stationery and consumer articles at moderate rates.

2. Membership of the Society shall be open to all students members of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college. There are two types of shares, A class shares of value Rs. 10/- each and B class shares of value Rs.5/- each. A class shares , are exclusively for the members of the staff and B Class shares are meant for the students of the college. A student who gets admitted to the College is expected to take at least one B Class share of society. In addition to the share value Rs.1/- shall be paid as admission fee

3. The Society shall be managed by a Board of Directors. The Principal is the Ex-officio President. The secretary shall be a member of the staff. There shall be seven more members on the Director Board including two from B Class members. The election of the members of the Director Board and the Secretary is conducted as per the bye-laws of the society

4. Spacious Auditorium

5. Reprographic Centre

6. Students Centre and Canteen

7. Hostels on the Campus

We have 2 hostels on the campus . Sanjoe Bhavan and Mercy Home, which provide a home away from home for the students. The serene atmosphere helps to maintain the academic culture of this institution .Navajyothi,a working Womens Hostel also functions on the premises

8.Indoor courts, Stadium,Yoga and fitness centre, with 12 Station Multi-gym

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