The Department of English (1965- ....)
The motto of the Department is “Each for All and All for Each.”  We are committed to doing our best to help the students face life with dignity and confidence.
Established in 1965, the Department offers courses in the UG and PG (SF) stream. The B A English Literature programme was started in 2014. The first batch is in the final year currently. The Part I English papers for all the Degree batches offer scope to get to know all the students enrolling in the College. The wide reach is an encouraging proposition. 
The Open Course offered by the Department is English for Careers. The UGC Add-on Course of the Department is Communicative English
The PG Faculty is competent and qualified. Out of the 6 teachers 4 are retired professors; 3 have PhD degrees, 1 MPhil and 2 have B.Ed. The UG Department has 4 members on the teaching staff, one with Phd, one NET qualified and doing course work to pursue Phd and 2 with B.Ed.
U.G. Faculty:
Dr. Rekha Mathews (Head of the Department)
Sr Manju Jacob SABS
Ms. Radhika Anirudhan
Ms. Sreelakshmi P V
P.G. Faculty:
Dr Mathew Joseph
Prof. TRS Iyer
Dr Shiela Elizabeth Abraham
Dr. Aniamma Kuriakose
Ms Nidhi Mary John
Ms. Sreelakshmi P V