1.The College admits qualified students of all castes and creeds. Criteria for admission is as per univerity rules and regulations.
2.Application for admission must be made in the prescribed application form available from the college office on payment of the  prescribed fee.
3.Candidates for admission to the degree programmes must present 
(1) Transfer Certificate from the college last attend
(2) Course and Conduct  Certificate 
(3) Pass Certificate
(4) Migration Certificate or Eligibility Certificate(for students     coming from other Universities) 
(5) S.S.L.C. Book (for reference only) and 
(6) Two  passport size photographs.
4.Original certificates submitted at the time of admission will not be returned to the students during the course of study. Students are therefore , directed to keep true copies of the same before submitting the original for admission.
5.The first installment of tuition fee and other fees are collected on the day of admission. No student will be enrolled or allowed to attend the classes until the fees due from him or her have  been paid.
6.Students who are admitted after the re-opening day will lose attendance for the days preceding admission and the days so lost will be counted as days of absence for recording attendance for the year.