BCM College was founded by His Excellency Bishop Thomas Tharayil, a pioneer in womens education in the Christian Community of Central Travancore. A priest true to heaven and an educationalist concerned with the progress of the world, Bishop Thomas Tharayil founded this institution in buy pill honour of his illustrious predecessor, His Excellency Bishop Alexander Choolaparambil, in 1955, with a student community of 63 girls. Bishop Thomas Tharayil felt that womens education was the key to social progress.

Prof. V.J. Joseph was the first principal of this college which began with eight members on the teaching staff and one member in the non-teaching staff. The college was formally inaugurated by Cardinal Valerian Gratius. As per the University specification a lady Principal, Sr. Fidelius of the Mangalore Carmel Convent was appointed.

From its humble beginnings the college has made steady progress and is now one of the foremost Womens Colleges in Kerala with over 1400 students.

The college motto is SAPIENTIA ET GRATIA i.e. WISDOM AND GRACE, the two essential qualities in a woman. Believing that the true purpose of education is the  overall development of personality, the college tries to promote spiritual and moral growth along with intellectual development. It is expected that when a student leaves the portals of B.C.M. after her education, she will have become what our founder visualized as the ideal educated woman, one who combines in her wisdom and grace.
B.C.M College aims at the integral personalized education of the young. It strives to mould intellectually well trained, morally upright, socially committed, spiritually inspired men and women for the India of today.